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The "From a Perspective" Story

What's the scariest part of failure? For me, it's the loneliness it creates and the space left wide open for your inner Kraken to come and destroy any perspective you have left. From a Cellist's Perspective started life as a travel blog, keeping my family and close friends up to date with my "big adventure" in Hong Kong back in 2019 - I soon realised that wasn't what I wanted to write about. I was feeling so far removed from the life and career I thought I'd have straight out of education, it was really having an impact on my mental well-being. Through the filter of social media, my friends and people I'd studied with seemed to be going from one success to the next but when I spoke to them, they were feeling exactly the same way I was and equally isolated.


That's when I decided to take the plunge and talk about the issues music graduates are dealing with on a daily basis but rarely utter aloud. The blog soon grew to incorporate the stories of others in the form of "The Graduate Interviews" where I asked other graduates to talk about their own experiences, offering advice drawn from their own strategies. Since then it's become a treasure trove of goodies, from professional advice and helpful links, to personal anecdotes on a vast range of topics affecting us all.

My wish is that you find comfort in the stories from myself and others, that we all start opening up about the realities of such a demanding career path and together we begin to break down the stigmas and the stiff-upper-lip attitude that's plagued us until now. 

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