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In Our Shoes: What does it mean to be a woman in music in 2022?

Ruth Hallows examines the ways in which women in music are breaking societal expectations in a continued move towards equality.


Writing for Larsen Strings as a contributor through my own guest blog, you can find more of my articles and also reviews where I get down to the nitty gritty with some of Larsen's most popular brands!

In Conversation with Ruth Hallows -
part of a series from the Royal College of Music's Creative Career Department specially for students and graduates

Creative Careers

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Ruth Hallows: Cellist, educator and writer who tells it like it is. 

Interview by Ariane Todes & Photos by Joseph Branston

Performer profile: Ruth Hallows Firebird co-principal

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September 2020 episode of classical music podcast, Singing For Your Supper where host Vicente Chavarra talks to cellist and blog writer Ruth Hallows about all things music industry and beyond

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