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Coronavirus: The Global Fermata?

With most countries now in lock down, Coronavirus has managed to put 2020 virtually on hold. It's a problem for everyone causing mental and financial strain and with the majority of musicians classing themselves as self-employed, the future is looking extremely uncertain.

The point of my blog has always been to create a community where people can feel safe in the knowledge they’re not alone. So last week I jumped on Skype and reached out to my friends across the world asking them to share their stories of Covid-19 with the hope this provides you with help, advice and funny anecdotes.

At the bottom of this post, I have put all the links I have collected to help you if you're struggling. Please reach out!


Natalie's Story (China)

To keep up to date with Natalie over the covid period you can follow her on Instagram @hallidaynatalie

For all Xi'an Symphony Orchestra updates visit

Riccardo's Story (Italy)

For more information about the AndràTuttoBene - Festival di Musica Online check out their trailer here or on Riccardo's website here.

Ragnhild's Story (Norway)

To keep in touch with Ragnhild and her story follow her on Instagram @ragnhildsannescello and on her website

To find out more about her online academy or to sign up visit and @onlinecelloacademy

Ruth's Story (UK)

Since this was film on 17/03/2020, we have gone into a lock down and my two auditions have since been cancelled. To all of those concert halls, trusts and societies who have been able to pay their musicians for cancelled gigs during this period we are hugely grateful!

To follow me, the blog and my story visit my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or website.

A huge thank you to Paul Woodward who turned these Skype interviews into videos for me! Follow him on Twitter @pauljaywood.


Hopefully these videos have helped you in some way, below is everything I can find financially to help us but also, I've thrown in some mental health pages because putting yourself first in times like this is crucial.

UK Music Unions

UK Government Pages and guidelines

Global Help

Health and Wellbeing,6T5NC,O5LMFU,R9IK4,1

Stay safe,

Ruth x

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