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Coronavirus: The Global Fermata Catch Up

The UK has been in lockdown for 130 days (not that I'm counting...)

Over the past few months, we've seen every day life take on a whole new look. Front rooms turned into offices, kitchens into classrooms and even gardens became local concert halls. As lockdown measures are being eased across most of the world, I thought now would be the perfect time to catch up with Natalie, Riccardo and Ragnhild to see how they've handled lockdown and what the future holds for them.


Natalie's Story (China)

As Natalie's orchestra goes back to work, travel restrictions have meant she's stuck in the UK.

To keep up with Natalie's journey, follow her on Instagram @hallidaynatalie

For all Xi'an Symphony Orchestra updates visit


Riccardo's Story (Italy)

Whether it's been composing, organising online concert series or performing live, Riccardo has managed to find new ways of making music through lockdown.

For details of Riccardo's upcoming concerts visit his website or follow him on social media.


Ragnhild's Story (Norway)

Life is pretty much back to normal for Norwegian Cellist Ragnhild as she has completed her first music festival post lockdown and looks forward to the relaunch of her Cello Academy on August 15th

To keep in touch with Ragnhild and her story follow her on Instagram @ragnhildsannescello and on her website

As her cello academy comes back, you can sign up by visiting and @onlinecelloacademy


Ruth's Story (UK)

For many of us, lockdown has dealt some tough blows outside of music and our work.

As my performing starts to come back why don't you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and keep updated via my website.

How have you been finding life during lockdown? If you'd like to share your story I'd love to hear it so comment below.

Once again, a huge thank you to Paul Woodward who turned these Skype interviews into videos for me! Follow him on Twitter @pauljaywood.

Stay Safe! Ruth x

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