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The Graduate Interviews: From Us with Love

As another year draws to a close, we welcome our newest set of music graduates into the fold - Congratulations!

I think we can all agree that you have shown incredible stamina, patience and adaptability in the face of extreme adversity. Over the past eighteen months, the music world has been turned upside down. We've faced empty concert halls and theatres as a result of the pandemic and we're still learning how to navigate the continent thanks to Brexit. But as restrictions lift, we can now look to the future with optimism at the opportunities on the horizon.

Along with all the joy and celebrations, we know that life outside the comforting structure of education can be daunting. Uncertainties surrounding what steps to take next and fear of the unknown are common - you are not alone! So many of us have stood where you have now and each of us has had our own path to forge. Full of twists and turns, we've faced challenges, dealt with blows and celebrated successes: I for one am grateful for the lessons it's taught me! And because we are never alone in our journey, I've been joined by previous guests from "The Graduate Interview Series" to share with you some of the things that have helped us most since graduating - from us with love.

Don’t be afraid to explore new ventures, as they can be opportunities that allow you to develop your craft in ways you didn’t imagine and help to carve your own professional pathway.

- Charlotte Hoather, singer and 2018 RCM graduate

Whatever the future holds, make it yours! This next stage is unpredictable because it's completely unwritten, it's your moment to find out what you want to do with all your hard work and learning and there's something incredibly exciting about that. So make mistakes, get it wrong and celebrate everything that comes from the courage to try!

Now I'll stop talking like I'm working for Hallmark and leave you all to enjoy your celebrations! Special thanks to Geeta Nazareth, Vicente Chavarría, Wallis Power, Augustė Janonytė, Dani Howard, Heather MacLeod and Laura Suzanne Hunt for their films and to the amazing Alex Maxted for putting them all together at very short notice - what a pro!

From all of us with love,

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